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AED Workshops

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AED Workshops

The AED Workshop Day is designed to give your staff a basic overview on how to use their AED. This session is designed for staff and others who may need to use the AED and aims to give attendees the confidence to use an AED when required. The sessions will look at the principles of how to use the AED in an emergency. We deliver the workshops in small groups through the day with a recommended maximum of 4 people on each session and 6 one-hour sessions through the day.

Who are the AED Workshops for?

  • Anyone interested in the basics of using an AED
  • PLEASE NOTE: For anybody who would be responsible for maintaining your AED, we would recommend the AED Course.

What is covered in the AED Workshop?

  • Primary Survey
  • CPR
  • How to turn on your AED
  • Pad placement
  • Following your AED’s instructions
  • Who to tell after the AED has been used

How long does it take to complete the AED Workshop?

  • The AED Workshop is delivered over one day, with 6 one-hour workshops.

What will be included in my AED Workshop?

  • Training to national standards
  • Certificate of participation for each person

How is the AED Workshop Assessed?

  • This is not an assessed or nationally accredited session but is designed to give staff the practical skills to make them confident if they are required to use the AED.

How do I renew my AED Workshop?

  • We would recommend staff undergo annual refresher training in using an AED

What routes for progression are there after my AED Workshop?

Booking an onsite course:

To enquire about an onsite course for your staff, please either call our head office, 01473 551911, or one of our local offices, or fill in the enquiry form below