Conflict Resolution in the Workplace Course

Conflict Resolution in the Workplace Course

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Conflict Resolution in the Workplace Course

There are not many ‘front of house’ jobs where conflict is not a regular occurrence, it is important in these circumstances that staff are able to recognise common causes of conflict, how to reduce the risks in conflict to themselves and others and how to de-escalate the situation and finally what to do after a conflict in the workplace. This half day course looks at the principles behind these key points and how they are specific to your workplace.

Who is the Course For?

  • People who work in customer service rolls where they may have to deal with aggression and conflict in their role
  • The qualification IS NOT suitable for those that are likely to have to break away or physically intervene with violent individuals. 

Course Syllabus

  • What is conflict?
  • Workplace violence
  • Avoiding conflict
  • Communication
  • Defusing and calming
  • Use of force (theory)
  • What to do when being followed 

Course Duration

4 contact hours

Good Skills Training normally deliver this course 09:30 – 13:45 

Awarding Body

There is no awarding body for this course, but it is certificated by Good Skills Training

If you require an OFQUAL accredited qualification, we offer the QNUK Level 2 Award in Preventing Violence in the Workplace 

Delivery Type


Maximum Learners Per Tutor

The Conflict Resolution Course has a maximum ratio of 12:1

Requalification Process

As with all Health & Safety related courses, it is recommended that staff undergo refresher training on a regular basis. For the Conflict Resolution in the Workplace Course, this is normally every 3-years.

Booking an onsite course

To enquire about an onsite course for your staff, please either call our head office, 01473 551911, or one of our local offices, or fill in the enquiry form by clicking here