Equality and Diversity eLearning

Equality and Diversity eLearning

Equality and Diversity eLearning

‘Equality and diversity’ is about avoiding discrimination and ensuring that there is equal opportunity for all stakeholders, in turn leading to a positive company culture and better staff engagement levels. This short e-learning course is designed to help your organisation understand the importance of a culture of opportunity for all and teaches learners what is meant by the term equality and diversity, as well as the consequences of inequality.

Who is the Course For?

This course is useful for all levels of employee and can be used as part of the induction process for new employees.

Course Syllabus

  • What is meant by the term ‘equality and diversity’
  • Consequences of inequality
  • Human rights
  • The Equality Act
  • Inclusive and exclusive models of society
  • Promoting inclusion
  • Creating fairer workplaces

Course Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites to this course

Course Duration

20 – 40 minutes

Awarding Body

N/A – Learners will be able to download a completion certificate on successfully completing the course

Qualification Code


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Assessment Methods

Multiple choice questions

Maximum Learners Per Tutor


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