Fire Risk Assessor Course

Fire Risk Assessor Course

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Fire Risk Assessor Course

Following the introduction of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order in England and Wales and similar legislation in Scotland and Northern Ireland, virtually all those with control of non-domestic premises are required to ensure that a suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment is undertaken and, in most cases, recorded. 

Fire risk assessments should identify hazards and take steps to prevent fire in order to protect the safety of occupants, visitors and those in the immediate vicinity.  

Who is the Fire Risk Assessor Course for?

For all staff members to teach them how to safely use of an extinguisher 

What is in the Fire Risk Assessor Course syllabus?

  • The different types of fire extinguisher and their uses
  • Correct storage & signage
  • Maintenance
  • When and how to use a fire extinguisher
  • Practical extinguisher session with water and CO2 extinguishers 

How long does it take to complete the Fire Risk Assessor Course?

  • This course is normally completed in 1-2 contact hours.
  • You can have multiple extinguisher sessions in a day, or combine it with other part day fire courses, such as the Fire Marshal Course

What will be included in my Fire Risk Assessor Course?

  • Training to national standards
  • Practical fire extinguisher session, with water and CO2 extinguishers. A suitable outside area will be required for this
  • Certificates on successfully completing the course and assessments for each person

How is the Fire Risk Assessor Course Assessed?

  • The course is continually assessed by our tutor

How is the Fire Risk Assessor Course Certificated, or Accredited?

  • The Fire Extinguisher Course is certificated by Good Skills Training
  • This course is not formally accredited, but will meet your legal requirements for providing suitable training for your staff in the firefighting equipment

How do I renew my Fire Risk Assessor Course?

  • There is no formal expiry on Extinguisher Training.
  • Best practice is to renew your knowledge every 3-years
  • The Fire Extinguisher Course is renewed by taking another Fire Extinguisher Course

What routes for progression are there after my Fire Risk Assessor Course?

Booking an onsite course:

To enquire about an onsite course for your staff, please either call our head office, 01473 551911, or one of our local offices, or fill in the enquiry form by clicking here