Training During Covid-19

Please click here to see the current CPR advice during COVID-19

On 21st May the HSE updated its advice around First Aid during the COVID-19 Pandemic and specifically about first aid cover and requalifying first aiders. This advice can be found in full on the HSE Web Site at

Essentially, if you are open for business, you still have a legal duty to your staff and visitors to ensure you have sufficient first aid cover for the activities that you undertake. You may need to review your first aid needs assessment, particularly if you have reduced cover due to furloughed staff, or if you cannot access first aid training.  

For England, the HSE has allowed certificates to be extended to 30th September 2020 for anyone due to requalify after 16th March 2020, there are conditions attached to this (see link above) and requalification must take place before the September date.

For Wales and Scotland, a date has not been set yet for requalification deadlines.

Annual Refresher Training should still take place but using online training for this is acceptable if face-to-face training cannot easily be accessed.

What this Means for First Aid Training with Good Skills Training

We are not able to offer training for all sectors, but with increased social distancing and hygiene measures in place. This generally means that class numbers may be reduced. Please talk with your local office, or our admin team at the head ofice to discuss further .... please find a copy of our COVID-19 procedures here for

First Aid at Work and AED Training

First Aid Training is a life skill that can make all the difference when it matters. There are two main types of First Aid at Work Course. The First Aid at Work Course is a 3-day course and is suited to larger companies, or those that are more likely to have to deal with severe, or a wider variety of injuries and illnesses, such as head injuries, fractures, asthma, heart attacks etc, click here to find out more. The 1-day Emergency First Aid at Work Course is designed for smaller companies that are more likely to only ever have minor injuries because of the type of work they do, click here to find out more. At Good Skills Training we also deliver First Aid Courses for Schools, Paediatric First Aid for Nurseries and Childminders, and First Aid Training for Foster Carers. If you do not see the first aid course you need please contact us. Find out more about our First Aid Courses here, or our Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) Courses. If you are looking to purchase an AED, please call us to help with this, or visit our AED store,

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Health and Safety Training

Under current Health and Safety legislation, supervisors, managers and directors have increasing responsibilities for Health and Safety and ensuring that a safe and healthy environment is provided for the workforce. It is important that staff in a management role understand their responsibilities, the ideal starting point for this is the Level 3 Award in Health and Safety. This course is designed specifically for supervisors and aims to give attendees the information required to carry out their duties. If you are looking to expand your knowledge, or look in more depth and health and safety management then the Level 4 Health and Safety Course is the one you need. We can also provide manual handling courses, COSHH Courses for those that handle dangerous substances, Risk Assessment CoursesConflict Resolution Courses suitable for any customer facing roles as well as a range of bespoke courses. To find out more about the Health and Safety Courses we offer click here, or call 01473 551911.

Health and Safety in Suffolk, Health and Safety Hampshire, Health and Safety Isle of Wight

Fire Safety Training

Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, it is a requirement that all commercial premises have a suitable Fire Risk Assessment carried out. To find out more about the order and whether it applies to you, then please click here (external site), if you need assistance with your Fire Risk Assessment, please contact us, by email, or call 01473 551911. Also as part of the order it is generally a requirement that you have people responsible for the day-to-day fire safety in your premises, this role is regularly referred to as the Fire Warden, or Fire Marshall, these individuals should be suitably trained on their legal duties, find out more about our Fire Marshall Course here. The Order also requires companies to train staff in basic fire safety and to relay any significant findings of the Fire Risk Assessment to all staff members. We can also help you with you Evac Chair Training, please call us for more details on this as we are in the process of updating our web site with this course. To find out more about our Fire Safety Courses please click here.

Fire Safety Training

Food Safety & Licensing Courses

Does your business serve, produce or manufacture food? If so, it is a LEGAL requirement that you have a suitable HACCP system and that someone has been trained in HACCP so that they can implement and maintain your HACCP system. Good Skills Training offer both accredited and non-accredited courses that will meet your legal requirements for HACCP. It is also a requirement under food safety legislation that all staff that handle food have received suitable training for their job role, for most key workers the Level 2 Award in Food Safety is best practice. It is also necessary that all supervisors are aware of their legal duties and responsibilities to ensure that food is safe when consumed by the end user supervisors need to be able to follow the food safety management protocols and manage other staff in this role, the Level 3 Award in Food Safety is perfect for anyone in this position. For those in a more senior position, the Level 4 in Food Safety might be what you require. Find out more about our Food Safety Courses Here.

For licensed premises to operate, there must be personal license holders involved. It is a mandatory requirement that anyone who wishes to gain their person al license must obtain the Level 2 Award for Personal License Holders.  Find out more about all our Licensing Courses Here.

Food Safety Courses

Other Courses from Good Skills Training

Good Skills Training also offer courses in other areas, if you do not see the course you require please contact us to see if we can help you.

Other topic areas we already cover include, Team Leadership and Management Courses, giving your supervisors and leadership teams the tools to manage your staff effectively, appraisal training and assertiveness training. We can also provide Customer Service Courses for organisations that feel they would like to improve the customer experience and give staff the tools to keep your client coming back. Train the Trainers Courses are ideal for organisations and individuals looking to deliver professional training, including our First Aid and AED Instructors program and the Level 3 Award in Education and Training.


Public Courses with Good Skills Training

Click on the course that you are interested in to bring up more information, course dates, times and booking details. Where courses are run over multiple dates, learners must be able attend all of the course sessions. 

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