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With AED’s becoming more popular and available in a wide range of locations, the Good Skills Training AED Workshop is designed to give users a basic introduction to AED’s and CPR. The day is run in short 1-hour sessions giving attendees practical experience using an AED and practicing their CPR skills to act confidently in a lifesaving situation. At Good Skills Training we have experience delivering the AED Workshop to community groups, foyers and public buildings, children in schools, youth groups and in private businesses.


If you are looking for an AED, this is also something we can help with through our sister  company DeFibUK.co.uk.

Who is the Course For?

Anyone who might use the AED or has an interest in how AEDs work.


The AED Orientation Workshop is split into one-hour workshops throughout the day. Each workshop will include:

  • Primary Survey
  • CPR
  • Turning on the AED
  • Pad Placement
  • Following AED Prompts


  • There are no prerequisites for this course.

Course Duration

1-day, normally 09:30 – 16:30, made up of six 1-hour workshops, with 4 people per workshop (total 24 people).

Awarding Body

There is no awarding body for this course, but it is certificated by Good Skills Training.

Qualification Code


Delivery Type


Maximum Learners Per Tutor

The AED Orientation Workshop has a maximum learner to tutor ratio of 4:1 per workshop

Assessment Method

Competency is not assessed on this course.


It is best practice that people undergo regular training to renew their skills. We would recommend every 3-years.

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